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Ready To Change Your Relationship? The Check-In, Check-List Activity

The Check-In Check-List is a structured activity to complete with your partner that sets the tone for the week ahead, while rebuilding intimacy, connection and improving connection.

It's a series of 10 questions that you ask yourself and your partner and share answers to. The procedure around answering questions, reflecting on them and sharing is designed to deepen your understanding and feelings toward each other, over time. 

We are all busy with work, kids, family and the day-to-day grind, so this tool is efficient and focused so you can get the maximum out of it with only a small investment of your time.  

This Check-List has four main goals and over time will shift your relationship by targeting these relationship dynamics:

  • Gratitude
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Integrity

Gratitude- We have all heard how gratitude can shift your mental perspective, but studies are showing that a regular gratitude practice is a game changer when it comes to relationships.

Communication - Direct communication and the use of 'I' statements is so important in relationships, they lower the chances of conflict and reduce defensiveness. 

AccountabilityWithout follow-up this exercise is just talking. The Check-In Check-List has built into it a way of ensuring there is a system in place to review your progress towards goals. 

Integrity:  Integrity is doing the things we say we will do - making our words match our actions. The feedback the Check-List generates, along with accountability, create integrity and trust in the relationship. 



[ Worksheets and therapeutic tools are in no way meant to replace or substitute therapy or counseling with a trained professional ]