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An Introduction to FORT-ified Relationships

Welcome to the introductory level of FORTified Relationships - a Family Systems informed approach to parenting and growing great relationships. In this course, I will outline some of the key principles of Family Systems and provide you with some practical tools and guides to improving your relationships.


Distinguishing thoughts and feelings is an essential part of emotional and psychological maturity. More practically, we need to have a balance of these in order to feel emotionally connected to other people. As parents, we should know that our teens crave emotional connection with others.


Other and Self refers to our ability to hold relationships in our minds. Usually, we can toggle back and forth around how much time and energy we spend thinking about our Self and how much time we are thinking about 'Other'. When this becomes unbalanced, then it has an impact on our relationship. 


There's a type of anxiety we don't talk about as much called Chronic Anxiety. This is like white noise - you don't really notice it because it's in the background your entire life. Under certain circumstances, our levels of Chronic Anxiety hit a threshold, and we act on autopilot in various ways. These are our Reactive Automatic Behaviors. 


Discover how our chronic anxiety can keep us stuck in patterns of behaviors and interactions that aren't healthy or productive.