$69.00 USD

Transforming Relationship Tension into Togetherness

When every conversation seems to turn towards conflict, or you're getting sick of constant bickering, it's time to understand and transform your relationship.

You will see how I help a couple:

  • Turn conflict into complaints (and how that is a good thing)
  • Understand and reclaim the emotional baggage they carry from their childhoods.
  • Turn "The Blame Game" Around into mutual understanding.
  • Deal with and understand how Chronic Anxiety is impacting their Automatic Reactive Behaviors 

And you will receive

  • Handouts and homework I give couples in my private practice
  • Exercises and Activities to reflect and understand your patterns of conflict.
  • Powerful techniques to improve communication. 

Plus tools to help with

  • Conflict Avoidance
  • Dealing with Anger
  • Repairing and apologizing
  • Understanding yourself.

This online course is not therapy, not is it intended to substitute for therapy, this is an educational program.