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Hi! Thanks for checking out My People Patterns, I'm a therapist and am passionate about mental health and well-being, I've found that integrating various resources into my practice significantly enhances the therapeutic experience for my clients. Recognizing the diverse needs of individuals seeking help, I often create free therapist worksheets, available alongside my YouTube videos, to aid in personal development and emotional management.

These worksheets are designed to cater to a wide range of issues, from managing anxiety and stress to developing better parenting skills. They are not just tools for my clients but are also available for anyone seeking self-help resources. The activities included are carefully crafted to encourage self-reflection, improve emotional regulation, and foster healthier relationships.

One of the key areas these worksheets address is anger management. Anger, a common emotion, can be challenging to handle, especially when it interferes with personal and professional relationships. The worksheets provide practical strategies to recognize triggers, understand underlying emotions, and develop healthier ways to express anger.

Another significant aspect of these resources is their focus on anxiety and stress reduction. In today's fast-paced world, many people struggle with overwhelming stress and anxiety, which can take a toll on their health. The worksheets offer exercises to identify stressors, practice relaxation techniques, and build coping skills that can be applied in everyday life.

For clients dealing with parenting challenges, the worksheets offer insights and activities to enhance parenting skills. They provide strategies for effective communication, understanding children’s emotions, and fostering a nurturing environment at home.

Moreover, the worksheets are designed to be accessible and user-friendly, making them a valuable resource for therapists and individuals alike. They can be easily downloaded and integrated into therapy sessions or used as standalone tools for personal growth.

In summary, these free therapist worksheets are more than just handouts; they are comprehensive tools that work to improve mental health, manage emotions, and enhance personal and interpersonal skills. By offering them alongside my YouTube videos, I aim to reach a broader audience, providing valuable resources to those in need.


How To Use Circular Questioning In Family Therapy 

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Working With Anger In Therapy.


Download The Anger Worksheet Here

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The Ultimate Therapy Check-In Questions PDF


Download The 50 Therapy Check In Questions PDF here

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Printable Feelings Chart for Adults PDF Download


The Free Printable Feelings Chart For Adults PDF 

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Relationship and Marriage Boundaries Worksheet


Download The Relationship and Marriage Boundaries Worksheet

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Unmet Emotional Needs In A Relationship Worksheet



Unmet Emotional Needs In.A Relationship Worksheet

Download this couples therapy type worksheet if you've seen the video that goes with it and want to know more about how to get your emotional needs met in a relationship.