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My People Patterns is a hub for relationship education, as we know that even our most valuable relationships can become strained at times. Whether these difficulties feel like some temporary disconnection, or if conflict is getting to be a routine, My People Patterns can help.  


My People Patterns offers the therapist-approved tools and techniques you need to navigate relationships, so that your connections are as healthy, happy, and fulfilling as you deserve. 


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The My People Pattern's Check-In, Check-List Tool is now available. Find out how to use this deceptively simple tool to improve your relationship in this video and by clicking on the link below. 

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Knowing your People Pattern is just one part of the equation in the complicated formula that makes good relationships great. To help, even more, we created a free PDF on knowing your conflict patterns in relationships and conflict resolution that you can download after the quiz.  


Conflict Patterns In Relationships‚Äč

Conflict in any relationship is often upsetting to all involved, even though they are a natural part of being human and being connected to others. It is important to know how to manage it when it does happen and more importantly to know our own reactions to conflict.

These are our People Patterns, and you can find your conflict pattern in a relationship by taking the quiz above

The People Patterns Of Conflict

These are the most common patterns that people take on that we see in our practice.  Watch our YouTube Videos on each of the conflict styes in relationships by clicking on the images, or find our YouTube Channel 

The Disdainer

Disdain is a form of contempt-  the most damaging of forces to a relationship. 


The Criticizer

Criticism differs from complaints, although the two are often confused. 


The Retaliator

The Retaliator plays a defensive game when under attack most often by countering. 


The Avoider

The Avoider dodges conflict but often increase frustration in their partner.


The Stonewaller

The act of refusing communication, stalling, or evading, especially to avoid conflict,


The Exploder

When anger is misplaced, it can destroy and wound the people who are closest. 


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