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Let's face it: family therapy is really hard, chaotic, and often overwhelming. Having been thrown in at the deep end in an adolescent residential treatment center, my saving grace was turning to theory and devouring everything I could on Structural, Strategic, and Bowen Family Systems. Don't get me wrong, it was a massive help and something I relly on daily, but sometimes theory is not enough and you need a certain something to bring about some much-needed change in the family you are working with. 

Bowen  Family Systems 

Structural Family Systems

Strategic Family Systems

Here's how I see it: if family therapy is a journey across a vast ocean, each family's we work with is like crossing at a different time of year - each journey is different, each has its own challenges and opportunities.

It stands to reason then, that therapists, need to be skilled sailors, captains, and a jack-of-all-trades.  If theory is just the map, relying on that entirely doesn't always cut it. We need something more than a map and some wind to get to where we're going... we need GPS!

I really believe that even the most seasoned therapists can find themselves adrift, struggling to translate theoretical constructs into practical, therapeutic progress. This is where we get to be creative and break away slightly from the rigidity of theory. We can blend and create a rich array of interventions and techniques with theory to help navigate the complex emotional voyage we're on with our family and couples clients.

The good news is that if you look hard enough, therapists from the generations before you and I have done the hard work and honed in on some powerful techniques that help us drive things forward with families.

Even more good news is that I've curated some of my favorite and most useful family therapy interventions, worksheets, and activities here on My People Patterns.


Top Three Family Systems Videos

Structural Family Systems Techniques

A roadmap to some of the techniques I use in Family Therapy Sessions.

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Structural Family Mapping Technique

My favorite of all tools in the Structural Family Systems toolbox - a total game-changer. 

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Circular Questioning In Family Therapy

See how I use circular questioning in my first few family therapy sessions to find out more about the system. 

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Top Family Systems Courses

Parenting Styles and Family Structure 

Watch the video and download the accompanying mini-ebook by taking the quiz and signing up for our mailing list.

- Parenting Styles

- Family Structure

- Symptoms of Teens

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Family Sculpting

& Family Portraits

Experiential Family Therapy Techniques: 

 Family Sculpting is the ULTIMATE in experiential family therapy techniques and during Covid, my team and I created a way to do it without the family or a group! Watch this video to see how I do both activities.

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Structural Family Systems Therapy: Family Mapping Tool

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- Family Mapping for Clinicians

- Observational Family Assessments

- Family Mapping Intervention

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Working With Teens:

Fusion and Enmeshment


Download the 'Shared Belief' Worksheet here, and it's yours to use in your next session. The video (on YouTube and here) explains how to use it, and you'll also get some slides from the video along with instructions and the blank worksheet.


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The Family Projective Activity

This was a great activity I repeatedly used while running a large multifamily group for teens, parents, and siblings in residential treatment. The conversations and connections that came from processing the answers were often moving and frequently delightful to facilitate.

Family Therapy Tools For Clinicians


Get the complete guide to Family Mapping that accompanies our video here. 


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Family Therapy Interventions: Family Mapping

Family Mapping

Family Therapy Intervention: House Meeting

Family House Meeting

Family Sculpting 

Circular Questioning

Family Therapy Interventions: Family Mapping

Family Projections

Family Therapy Intervention: House Meeting

"I" Statement


Spaghetti Tower Challenge

Relationship Boundaries Worksheet