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I've been working with teens and families my entire career and I love sharing the tips, tricks and tools I've learned along the way with other therapists. I'm always eager to share new ideas and regularly provide in-service trainings on Family Systems. I hope you enjoy and find some use for these ideas.

Oliver + My People Patterns

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Welcome to My People Patterns. This section of the website is aimed at clinicians and therapists who are looking for more tools and techniques for working with teens and families. Please keep coming back to see what's been made available as we're constantly adding videos or mini courses. 

New Printable Feelings Chart

The Feelings Wheel PDF

Family Systems Training

If you're new to Family Systems Theory or just want to brush up on your Family Therapy Theory, this set of videos will show you how to create a 'Family Map' - a game-changer in family therapy work. 

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Building Rapport With Teens

When I train therapists I tell them that building rapport with teenagers is the most important thing to do. Here's some of my insights from years of working with teens. 


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Circular Questioning

Circular Questioning is a total game changer for anyone working with families. In this video and the course I will try and explain how I use it, why I use it and what to ask!

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NEW: Solve A Murder With Me Using CIrcular Questioning.

My brain is weird, I know - but I had this idea to solve a murder using this awesome technique to sort of demonstrate how much you can get out of it compared to linear questions.  

I love using circular questioning in my family therapy sessions and find I use in all the time, even when I'm not working systemically. This video is filled with strategies and examples that you can use in a session tomorrow and will really help you understand structural systems and the information you can get from just asking the right questions. I provide the formulas you need to think about how you would use them with your clients as I grill three suspects

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How To Use Circular Questioning In Sessions

Circular Questioning is invaluable to me in a family therapy session, and I wish I'd learned some of the tips and tools in this video and online course a lot sooner. When you can introduce circular questioning to a session from the very first meeting, you can begin to understand some of the complex patterns that support and exacerbate the presenting problem.

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Building Rapport With Teens:

Here are some of the tools and skills we have to offer if you're new to working with teens or looking to build rapport with your adolescent clients.

Building Rapport:

The Family Portrait Activity

Get a rich and detailed understanding of family dynamics with this tool.

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Building Rapport:

By Understanding Anxiety

Build closer relationships by asking the right questions about anxiety. 

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Building Rapport:

By Making Intakes More Engaging

Make intakes way more fun with this visual timeline tool.

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So much more than just worksheets

Don't get me wrong, worksheets are amazing and there's some terrific ones out there. Our tools and interventions are not just worksheets, most come with an explanatory video which often includes psycho-education or a demonstration. The PDF's that you download are also packed with bonus content such as 'process questions' or tips and hints from our experience using them.

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Counseling Skills and Therapy Tools For Clinicians

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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Counseling Clicks: Website Wisdom for the New Therapists

Counseling Clicks: Website Wisdom for New Therapists" is a transformative online course designed to empower new therapists with the tools and knowledge to establish a robust online presence. This course offers a practical checklist to guide you through each step of creating and optimizing a functional website that not only exists but excels in search engine rankings. You'll learn how to: Find your Niche(s) using our worksheets and videos and then learn how to reach those niches Use AI to craft content and pages that show up when people you identified as your ideal client search for a therapist. Build and manage a website that resonates with your therapy practice, using AI to save time and make it easier. Set up and analyze Google Analytics and Search Console to understand and boost your website traffic. Craft content using AI that speaks directly to your ideal client, saving you time and making sure your content gets recognized by Google Use AI to do your keyword research to maximize your visibility in search results. Generate original, engaging content that stands out, using AI tools like ChatGPT as a springboard for your creativity. Establish yourself as an expert in your field with authoritative content and trustworthy testimonials. Optimize your website's structure to guide users naturally through your services, reinforcing your expertise and credibility. Ensure that your site is recognized and indexed by search engines, keeping your content fresh and your presence known.  Join "Counseling Clicks: Website Wisdom for New Therapists" and turn clicks into counseling success.

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