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Counseling Skills and Therapy Tools For Clinicians

Making your sessions engaging and fun just got easier!

We know that the pressure to come up with ways to engage clients, in particular teens, can sometimes feel like even more work on top of the responsibilities you already have. 

My People Patterns offers therapeutic tools and activities designed and tested by therapists that will engage and enliven your sessions. 

We take the pressure of finding fun and engaging activities off your to do list, so you can enjoy your clients and focus on the awesome relationships you're building. 


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Building Rapport With Teens:

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The Clinician's Store

More tools and techniques for working with clients are being worked on, so please keep coming back to see what's been made available. 

Family Systems Training

If you're new to Family Systems Theory or just want to brush up on your Family Therapy Theory, this set of videos will show you how to create a 'Family Map' - a game-changer in family therapy work. 

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Building Rapport With Teens

When I train therapists I tell them that building rapport with teenagers is the most important thing to do. Here's some of my insights from years of working with teens. 

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Resistance & Therapeutic Alliance

When client's say 'I don't know' it's sometimes resistance, and sometimes because... they just don't know. Here's what I say, and how to handle it. 

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So much more than just worksheets

Don't get me wrong, worksheets are amazing and there's some terrific ones out there. Our tools and interventions are not just worksheets, most come with an explanatory video which often includes psycho-education or a demonstration. The PDF's that you download are also packed with bonus content such as 'process questions' or tips and hints from our experience using them.

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If you are a clinician or work in the mental health field, we know how challenging and demanding the work is. Keeping some clients and in particular teens, engaged while helping them explore their problems is sometimes an enormous task.

As Clinical Director of an Adolescent Treatment Center, I created a wide variety of tools to help engaged the teens that stayed with us. I continue to use them in my private practice which consists mainly of adults and families! What I love about these tools is that  they were refined over time and have already seen multiple revisions. I have taught some of these to members of my team who went on to use them to great and long lasting effect.

These same tools are available to you, and I will train you as I did my team using video and PDF's. Right now we are offering three of our favorite tools for teens for free. Sign up for the course and receive your first tool today!


The activity is so simple to set up and is such an excellent warm-up that it has become a go-to in residential treatment. An excellent interactive movement based warm-up to any session or group. 

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This activity is often requested by clients who enjoy the creative part, as well as the thought provoking prompts that we provide. Sign up now to get flex that creative muscle in your sessions. 

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Perfectionism seems to be on the rise in teens and youth, and while there are multiple approaches to helping clients overcome and work through it, this one might be the most fun!

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