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The m.y.s.e.l.f Journal & Workbook

This is the book I wish I'd written when I was running residential treatment centers for teens. I would have loved to have given copies to both teens and their parents as it's packed with 52 skills and tools that everyone (not just adolescents) need to navigate the world and be successful.

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This deluxe package contains:

  • The m.y.s.e.l.f. Journal & Workbook
  • Spiralbound blank paged journal
  • Pad of m.y.s.e.l.f sticky-notes
  • M.Y.S.E.L.F deck of 24 tools
  • x2 stickers

The m.y.s.e.l.f Journal and Workbook

Deck of 24 m.y.s.e.l.f Tools 

Spiralbound Blank Paged Journal

m.y.s.e.l.f Sticky Notes





This deck of 24 cards is the ideal complement to The m.y.s.e.l.f Workbook and Journal'. Each deck contains 24 of the tools in the journal. These 2.5inch playing cards are printed on standard S30 card stock and have a high gloss finish making them durable and adding to their quality.


The reverse side of each card is printed with the journal's artwork. They come in a plain white box with the 'm.y.s.e.l.f' sticker that seals it. 

These are a very limited edition as only a small run was made, so get yours now while stocks last. 

Extra Pages For your Journaling:

The Check-In Check-List Activity For Couples


The tried and tested weekly check-in exercise.


The Check-In Check-List is a structured activity to complete with your partner that sets the tone for the week ahead, while rebuilding intimacy, connection and improving connection.

This Check-List has four main goals and over time will shift your relationship by targeting these relationship dynamics:

  • Gratitude
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Integrity

It's a series of 10 questions that you ask yourself and your partner and share answers to. The procedure around answering questions, reflecting on them and sharing is designed to deepen your understanding and feelings toward each other, over time. 

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