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A Free Online Parenting Course

A Family Systems Informed Parenting Course to Help You Grow Great Relationships.

This course is designed to introduce you to some of the core concepts of family systems, a theory and practice that has been around for decades that helps families become more connected and healthy. . 


- THE KEY TO EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION: Communicate in the way teens need. 

- CHRONIC ANXIETY AND WORRY: Learn how Chronic Anxiety impacts your parenting style

- REACTIVE AUTOMATIC BEHAVIORS: Understand some of your behaviors and those of your teens.

- TRAPS & BLOCKS IN COMMUNICATION: Understand some of the traps in communication that increase conflict and hurt.


A Parenting Course For Teens and Tweens

Are you tired of feeling disconnected from your teenager or tween? Do you struggle to communicate effectively with them and find yourself constantly butting heads? It's not uncommon for parents to experience challenges when it comes to parenting their adolescents, but there is a solution

Imagine being able to communicate with your teen in a way that fosters emotional connection and understanding. Envision feeling confident in your ability to handle difficult situations and overcome communication blocks. This is all possible with our online parenting course, which utilizes family systems theory as its foundation.

What you'll get:

  • Video Lessons on each core module
  • Handouts and Worksheets
  • Experiential Activities
  • Mini-Ebook PDF


The m.y.s.e.l.f Journal & Workbook

This is the book I wish I'd written when I was running residential treatment centers for teens. I would have loved to have given copies to both teens and their parents as it's packed with 52 skills and tools that everyone (not just adolescents) need to navigate the world and be successful.

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The Check-In Check-List Activity For Couples


The tried and tested weekly check-in exercise.


The Check-In Check-List is a structured activity to complete with your partner that sets the tone for the week ahead, while rebuilding intimacy, connection and improving connection.

This Check-List has four main goals and over time will shift your relationship by targeting these relationship dynamics:

  • Gratitude
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Integrity

It's a series of 10 questions that you ask yourself and your partner and share answers to. The procedure around answering questions, reflecting on them and sharing is designed to deepen your understanding and feelings toward each other, over time. 

Tools For Therapists

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