Relationships have their ups and downs, but if your frustrations are piling up, things can get more complicated.


My People Patterns can help.


  • Every conversation seems to spiral into an argument...and the distance between you grows each time.¬†¬†


  • You¬†are craving¬†that deep connection with your partner,¬† But with every hurt feeling, there's¬†a growing¬†shadow of doubt and uncertainty...and that takes away from the¬†joyful, loving moments you had.


  • Those¬†quirks and habits you found cute have become points of tension and irritation... Conversations now feel like a delicate dance, trying to sidestep topics that might set things off.



"You just need to improve your communication skills"


“Perhaps you're not spending enough quality time together"


Heard any of those before?


Everyone seems to have an opinion on how to make relationships work, yet, despite your best efforts, you and your partner find yourselves in the same arguments, bickering more, feeling more distant with each passing day.

Perhaps you are noticing that when conflict persists, the emotional distance grows. Maybe you are worried that you're becoming "that couple" who merely coexists without truly connecting. 

If you're concerned about your relationship and want to turn conflict into connection, read on!

Lighthouse in the Storm?


I'm a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and I'm going to show you how Family Systems can guide you through the storm of relationship troubles.

The key to transforming relationship conflicts into deeper connections isn't JUST about "communicating better" or "spending more time". It's about understanding the underlying dynamics and patterns that lead to these conflicts in the first place.





Turning conflict into connection occurs when we can untangle our relationships. 


 I've been a therapist for nearly a decade and have been deepening my understanding of relationships while working with parents, couples, and families as well as teaching it to graduate-level students.

I've crafted "The Conflict Compass" to share with you some of the Family Systems inspired thoughts I've had that are specifically aimed at providing couples with the tools and insights they need to navigate the complexities of their relationship.

The S.O.F.T Approach is your unfiltered front-row seat to family systems and relationship therapy.

You will see how I help a couple:

  • Turn conflict into complaints (and how that is a good thing)
  • Understand and reclaim the emotional baggage they carry from their childhoods.
  • Turn "The Blame Game" Around into mutual understanding.
  • Deal with and understand how Chronic Anxiety is impacting their¬†Automatic Reactive Behaviors

And you will receive

  • Handouts and homework I give couples in my private practice
  • Exercises and Activities to reflect and understand your patterns of conflict.
  • Powerful fechniques to improve communication.

Plus tools to help with

  • Conflict Avoidance
  • Dealing with Anger
  • Repairing and apologizing
  • Understanding your self.
I Want A Great Relationship!


What's Inside This Course?

Introducing Family Systems

Bypass the confusion of "this is too complex" and immerse yourself in content that's just right for you, with a comprehensive library introducing family systems and the pioneering work of Murray Bowen.

You won't feel lost or overwhelmed as you delve into the dynamics of relationships. Each module, including the introduction to the S.O.F.T. approach I've crafted, comes with concise 15-minute videos. These are complemented by engaging visuals and diagrams, ensuring you grasp every concept with clarity.

Step into any relationship with newfound understanding, equipped with insights that empower you to operate with confidence, knowing exactly how to approach and navigate challenges.

Family Systems and Conflict

Dive into expertly curated modules, each presented in a concise 15-minute video format, complete with engaging visuals and diagrams. Empower yourself with profound insights and tools to navigate the intricate dance of relationships, ensuring you're equipped to foster stronger, more meaningful connections.

  • The S.O.F.T. Approach: My signature method that simplifies the complexities of differentiation, ensuring you grasp the core of relationship dynamics.
  • Decoding Relationship Patterns: Uncover the hidden patterns that often lead to conflicts and discover strategies to harmonize and balance these dynamics.
  • Triangles in Relationships: Discover how external factors or third parties can become sources of tension and distraction in relationships.

The Communication Toolbox

Delve into expertly curated content designed to enhance your communication skills and deepen your understanding of interpersonal dynamics. Equip yourself with invaluable tools and strategies to foster genuine understanding and connection in your relationships. 

  • How to Communicate So You Are Heard: Unlock the secrets to effective expression, ensuring your feelings and thoughts are clearly understood and valued.
  • The Art of Understanding Each Other: Dive into techniques that promote mutual understanding, bridging gaps and fostering deeper connections.
  • The Science of the Perfect Apology: Learn the key components of a sincere apology, mending bridges and healing wounds with authenticity.
  • The 9 Beastly Blocks to Connection: Identify and overcome the common barriers that hinder genuine connection, ensuring your relationships remain strong and fulfilling.

The Couples Toolbox

Immerse yourselves in hands-on exercises meticulously crafted for couples. Drawing from the expertise of a family systems therapist, each activity is designed to deepen your understanding of each other and fortify your bond.

  • Understanding Our Emotional Baggage: Delve into the past and uncover the childhood experiences that shape your current relationship dynamics.
  • Get to Know Your Relationship Sensitivities: Identify and address the triggers and sensitivities that influence your interactions, fostering a more understanding and empathetic bond.
  • Exploring the Unconscious Beliefs About Your Relationships: Dive deep into the underlying beliefs that guide your relationship behaviors, ensuring you're both aligned in your journey together.
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