The Tools You Need To Refresh Your Sessions

The pressure to come up with ways to engage clients can be a lot, some clients expect us to provide therapy tools. Others just need more help to engage. With a busy caseload and a life outside of work, preparing ideas for upcoming sessions can be the last thing we want to do at the end of the day.   

If you are a clinician or work in the field of mental health, these three tools are perfect for you. Tried and tested in residential treatment centers and private practices, these activities are designed to engage clients and provide you with material for your work.

Take the stress out of your next session now. 

Take The Stress Out Of Your Next Session

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Foot Feelings and Ice-Breakers. 

This warm-up exercise is so simple to set up and is an excellent warm-up activity that provides plenty of content to process for the rest of the session.

The Perfectionist's Control Bowl

This activity allows rich access to understanding your client's struggles with perfectionism, and gives multiple ways to learn more about the impact. 

Postcards From the Past

An artistic activity that is frequently requested by clients who enjoy the creative elements,  as well as the thought-provoking therapeutic prompts that are included for free. 

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