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Activities to Build Rapport with Teenage Clients Starts Here

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Building Rapport With Teens

I've had sessions with teenagers in which I have laughed so hard, I nearly cried, and have also had sessions in which I questioned some of my more important life decisions. This is the joy and agony of working with teens as a therapist. I have worked with teens since I was a trainee in a local high school and most recently was the Clinical Director of an Adolescent Treatment Center, so I have clocked a few hours with this population. I have supervised enough therapists and guided them through their first sessions with teens to know that this information is solid and helpful (check the reviews below, they made me blush)

How To Get Teens To Talk In Therapy

The approach to building rapport with teens in this course is an alternative way to work with teens, taking the heat off the 'Identified Patient' and focusing your attention on their inner world, and who they are as a young person. This is what teens are craving - real connection with an adult. 

I've some of my ten years of insight and learning into this mini-course to give you the essentials of working with a teen and rapport building in the first few sessions. The questions in the PDF I attach are enough to literally get you through two or three sessions!


Activities to Build Rapport with Teenage Clients Starts Here

  • Video Course explaining working with teens
  • 10 Page Mini E-book packed with questions to ask teens,
  • Ideas for the first sessions and talking points that build rapport.
  • Tips to build your Social Currency with Teens
  • Object Oriented and Self Oriented Questions

Please feel free to email me if you have questions or reservations and I'll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner. 

This course is for trained professionals and mental health professionals currently being supervised to provide services. 

"The My People Patterns content is authentic, relatable, and thought provoking. Now that I’ve looked at the material in this course, when it comes to working with teens I feel more excited and curious and feel confident that I will be able to navigate any hurdles I face because I can refer back to the content for inspiration and ideas." 


"I'm so energized after taking this course because Oliver offers tons of extremely useful sample questions and skills, targeted to the unique needs of this age group. After watching the video and reading through the PDF, I am much more confident in my ability to connect with teenagers and how to listen for clues about their inner world."


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