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Structural Family Therapy: Mapping: Techniques You Need To Use!

family systems family therapy tools Jun 17, 2022

Structural family therapy is a family systems theory created by Salvador Minuchin in the 1960's. The Theory acknowledges that treating children or teens in the family doesn't inherently solve problems as they are part of a more complex family system. Structural Family Therapy involves understanding this system as best we can. The major thesis of this approach to family therapy is that an individual's symptoms are best understood when examined in the context of family interactional patterns. It should come as no surprise that structural family therapy focuses on the structure within each family. The family structure refers to what builds, maintains, and even destroys individual families.

Structural family therapy attributes problems to dysfunctional family structures and the rigidity that results from these structures. A solution is sought in the modification of the family structure. The starting point for any changes to occur is a thorough understanding of how the family is presently organized, and this is the Family Map.


Family Mapping Is the technique I encourage anyone working with families to explore and learn. This video lays out some of the fundamentals that need to be established to get the most out of family mapping. 

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