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52 Skills For Teens and Tweens

Nov 13, 2022
skills for teens
As your teens and tweens get older and move through school, you might be wondering if they are learning the skills and tools that the education system doesn't teach. Age and good academic grades don't necessarily mean that a teen or tween has the skills they need to thrive as a young adult. 

As a psychotherapist and a Clinical Director of an adolescent treatment center, I am often asked by parents to ensure their teenager gets the skills and tools they need. The m.y.s.e.l.f workbook and journal is the book I wish I'd written years ago as I've packed it with 52 skills and tools teens (and adults!) need to thrive.



Rather than focusing on a single topic, "The m.y.s.e.l.f Workbook and Journal" makes a great teen gift as it covers eight topics each of which has skills and tools in them. These topics range from life-skills for teens to social anxiety. Topics include: 

  • Depression and Anxiety Relief: -journal questions and tools that support and promote stress relief, self-soothing, and skills to combat and regulate feelings
  • Social Skills:- powerful communication skills such as active listening provide life skills for teens that help them connect with peers and lower social anxiety.
  • Executive Functioning:- workbook prompts in the form of motivational quotes and questions that promote a growth-oriented mindset that provides a foundation for executive functioning skills.
  • Self-Esteem: - questions and prompts make this the self-love journal for teen girls that will build self-esteem in a self-discovery journal format.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills:- the best evidence-based therapeutic skills from DBT and CBT to manage big feelings, making this an essential coping skills for teens workbook.

Filled with indispensable skills that are curated to set a teenager up to navigate their path to success. The therapeutic tools are easily digestible and engaging while remaining simple to use on a weekly basis. Each tool is delivered in the form of an acronym, making them easy to remember and use when needed.

There are a limited number of deluxe sets available, which include a blank journal, the workbook, a set of matching sticky-notes, and the m.y.s.e.l.f journal card deck. Check the Deluxe Package out here and snap it up fast if you've got a teen girl needing a gift this year. 


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