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What Is Koala Parenting?

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what is koala parenting


What Is Koala Parenting

What Is Koala Parenting? Koala parenting is a type of parenting that is based on the work of William and Martha Sears, and is more formally known as Attachment Parenting. Essentially, this is a parenting style that focuses on providing a secure and stable environment for children by becoming the secure base, it's one of many styles of parenting that you hear or read about and My People Patterns is on a mission to help everyone understand them all. 

What Is Koala Parenting?

Parenting is one of the hardest challenges we face as human beings. When your little one comes along, everything changes. Suddenly, you now have someone who depends on you for so much more than providing them with food and a place to sleep at night. Koala Parenting encourages parents to take care of their child in a way that follows the principles of attachment parenting.

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Attachment Parenting or Koala Parenting

Attachment parenting is a parenting style that focuses on bonding with your children. It seeks to create strong emotional bonds and closeness between the parent and child through an emotionally intimate connection. It assumes you are capable of being an emotionally available parent, which means that you have the ability to be present for your child in a way that helps them feel safe and secure. Attachment parents believe that healthy attachment is possible and so they spend time with their children from birth - ensuring their physical and mental health as well as their overall development.

What Is Attachment Theory?

Attachment theory is the idea that children develop a sense of security or an attachment to their parents, caregivers, or primary caretakers. It is important for infants and young children to feel safe in order to learn healthy self-regulatory behaviors. When a child does not feel safe, they will behave erratically and may even show signs of physical abuse or neglect. By helping your child feel safe, you will be able to help them build trust. This will encourage them to develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

Benefits Of Koala Parenting

The benefits of attachment parenting are numerous. It gives parents the opportunity to bond with their children on a different level than other parenting methods. It also allows for more physical contact and close proximity, which is important for children to develop their social skills and develop healthy relationships in life. Parenting isn't just about commanding your child to do something but understanding that they have a feeling as well. It's also beneficial because of how it takes care of your mental health as a parent. As parents, we often put ourselves last when taking care of our kids. 

 What's Your Parenting Style?

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