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Our Emotional Intimacy Exercises Could Be The Key To Connection.

Emotional intimacy is the bedrock of any profound and meaningful relationship. It is not merely about sharing your life with someone, but rather, it's about allowing someone to see into your life - it's about vulnerability, openness, and mutual understanding. Emotional intimacy is about peeling back the layers of your persona, revealing your authentic self to your partner, and being seen, understood, and accepted for who you truly are.  

The key to fostering this level of intimacy is emotional communication, which is why we designed our worksheets and exercises for couples.

Emotional communication is a journey from the surface to the deeper layers of our relationships, a journey that requires courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to face the risks that come with emotional intimacy. It's about more than just sharing experiences and facts; it's about expressing the emotions those experiences evoke in us. It's about sharing not just our stories, but our feelings about those stories. This level of openness can lead us into perilous territory where judgment and rejection become real threats. However, it's in facing these fears and sharing our feelings that we build deeper, more meaningful connections. This is where relationships truly flourish and become a source of mutual understanding, respect, and love.


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Free Emotional Intimacy Exercises and Worksheets

The Free Feelings Wheel PDF.

The Relationship Repair Wheel

20 Questions For Emotional Intimacy

Unmet Emotional Needs Worksheet

Every intimacy exercises needs a feelings wheel because our ability to be intimate is reliant on our emotional literacy. Grab a Feelings Wheel here.

It's hard to imagine that conflict could lead to an opportunity to use one of our intimacy exercises, but there is a possibility for couples to become closer after an argument. 

You can Love or Hate 'Love Actually' because you don't have to watch it in order to benefit from one of our favorite intimacy exercises - 20 Questions for Emotional Intimacy. 

One of the most vulnerable things we have to do is to ask for our emotional needs to be met, this worksheet will help you identify them and explore intimacy in an exercise that is truly connecting. 

Progressive Emotional Communication & Intimacy Exercises.

The Meaning Of Emotional Intimacy In Action 

Progressive Emotional Communication is a transformative approach to deepening intimacy in relationships. It's a journey that takes us from surface-level interactions to the profound depths of emotional connection. This process involves peeling back the layers of our conversations, moving from casual chit-chat to sharing our deepest feelings and emotions. It's about being brave enough to express our fears, our desires, and our hopes, and being open to hearing and understanding these aspects of our partner. This progressive approach to communication can significantly impact a relationship, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other's unique experiences and emotions. It allows for a more meaningful connection, where both partners feel seen, heard, and valued. This is the essence of emotional intimacy, and it's what makes a relationship truly fulfilling and resilient.

At Home Couples Therapy Activities


The Power Of "I" Statements

This interactive experiential video takes you through an exercise that helps you construct perfect 'I' Statements. Look out for the handout in the video description below. 

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The Emotional Intimacy Activity 

A guided activity and handout to demonstrate and lead you down the six layers of emotional communication, be sure to download the free PDF that accompanies it. 

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Take Our Emotional Intimacy Quiz for Couples

Find out where your emotional intimacy gets blocked.


Emotional intimacy and emotional connection are like layers of a cake, sometimes it's hard to get to the bottom layer where all the good stuff is, because we're blocked. Find out where your relationship is stuck by taking our emotional intimacy quiz


Learn More about Emotional Communication and Intimacy

Discover Emotional Communication.


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Learn more about Emotional Intimacy.


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Learn more about Emotions and their importance.


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