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Parenting Styles Explained and Explored


Are all of these parenting terms getting you overwhelmed or confused? ME TOO! Seriously, this whole project started because I couldn't keep up with the entire zoo of animal parent types that are out there. It turns out that there's some seriously great knowledge hidden under these names. I've done the hard work and pulled out the most important facts for you.

Snowplow Parenting


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Free-Range Parenting


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Lighthouse Parenting


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Tiger Parenting


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Commando Parenting


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Helicopter Parenting


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Koala Parenting


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Jellyfish Parenting


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What's My Parenting Style & Why Do I Need To Know?

Knowledge is power! If you know your parenting style and what it means for you and your family, you know what areas you can work on to change shift and enhance your relationships


Knowing your parenting style can provide you with valuable insight into your approach to parenting. It can help you understand why you react in certain ways to your child's behavior, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how you can improve your parenting skills. By gaining insight into your parenting style, you can become a more effective parent and build a stronger relationship with your child.


Your parenting style can also guide your decisions and actions as a parent. It can help you set goals and expectations for your child, determine what kind of discipline or guidance they need, and create a positive home environment. By being aware of your parenting style, you can make more informed decisions about how to best support and guide your child as they grow and develop.


Understanding your parenting style can help you identify areas where you need to grow and improve as a parent. For example, if you tend to be a 'helicopter parent' and micromanage your child's life, you may need to work on giving them more independence and autonomy. Knowing your parenting style can help you identify these areas for growth and make positive changes.







NEW! Helicopter Parenting:

Find out just how hard you helicopter

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Five Types Of Helicopter Parents?

Oh yup, there's different types of helicopter parents - more on this coming soon

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Bowen Family Systems

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Structural Family Systems

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Circular Questioning

Teens and Tweens

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Teenage Clients



Differentiation Of Self: The Work of Dr Bowen


Our Focus this quarter is on Differentiation of Self and the work of Dr Murray Bowen. We are pleased to be able to offer you a free online course on Differentiation of Self complete with worksheets, pdfs and more learning opportunities. 

To find out more about Differentiation of Self. Bowen and more, click here. 

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Relationship Conflict Styles: 

Imagine A Relationship In Which Conflict Leads To Connection ...



What's Your Conflict Style?

20 Questions For Emotional Intimacy.

Inspired by Love Actually - here's 20 Question (that have nothing to do with the movie) that will deepen your connection with your partner. 

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The Compass for Couples Struggling With Conflict. 

If you and your partner are struggling with conflict, take the conflict quiz below and find the course that has all the tricks I've learned in it. 

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Relationships Are Frustrating ... Sometimes

Find our some of the causes of conflict and anger in relationships in this video and blog post and learn more about The Conflict Compass

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The 'What's My Conflict Style?' Quiz